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InstantPublisher and Online E-Book Publishing

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InstantPublisher can now publish your e-book online for as little as $259.99, with no yearly fees, including an ISBN number assigned to your title. We can convert your book file into both Kindle and iTunes file types and sell your books for you on both platforms, paying royalties directly to you. We can also provide you with your own set of online e-book files with your own ISBN number if you choose to sell your titles yourself.

E-Book online publishing has picked up over the past few years and although it has a long way to go in replacing printed books, it is a great way to supplement your printed work. Test the market for a new title or publish a book online that would otherwise be too expensive to print. InstantPublisher can help you every step of the way in getting your title to market. Take a look at our frequently asked questions (FAQ's) page or (Format) page to answer any questions you might have about e-Book publishing.

How to place eBook publishing order with InstantPublisher
    1. Upload eBook Manuscript: Click Upload Book link at the top of this page to upload your eBook manuscript. We accept three file types for eBook conversion: .doc, .docx and .rtf.
    2. Check eCover Options: If you decide to upload your own cover, please click Upload Cover link at the top of this page to upload cover file (JPG format).
    3. Place eBook Order: Go to Member page and click on View/Upload Files tab, select eBook manuscript, and fill out the order form to place the order.