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Follow four main formatting rules, before you publish your eBook. You must format your Word document correctly, before we publish it. The end result is a downloadable EPUB and MOBI file for the Ipad and Kindle devices.

Formatting eBooks:

1) Document Size= in Microsoft Word (5.5" width x 8.5" height).

*Note: margins are .75" left and right; and .7" top and bottom

       Word Template for eBook Download eBook WORD Template

2) Cover Size= in Photoshop size (650 x 870pixels) at 72 DPI (resolution);
Save File as .JPG

3) All Graphics on All Inside Pages (this is optional; and only if you have graphics/pictures on the inside pages)= in Photoshop size (324 x 432pixels) at 72 DPI (resolution); Save File(s) as .JPG {Note: For Saving JPG files= FILE>> SAVE FOR WEB>> JPG/High}

*Note, if you want your graphics/pictures/charts to appear in your eBook, you must resize them in Photoshop or similar editor, then save them and reinsert into Word. Also, in Word please do not wrap text around images. All images should be set "in-line" with text as seen below.

Do Not Wrap Text

*Note, be aware that special symbols may not convert properly to eBook formats (EPUB & MOBI), unless they are characters in a standard font set. For this reason, we ask that you choose a font like Times New Roman for all text and symbols.

4) Page Breaks= in Word please include [page break] before each chapter.
In WORD put your cursor at the end of the last paragraph (after the period), before the next chapter, then go to>> Insert >> Page Break.