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Customer Comments


The books arrived today and My wife never saw them delivered. Now I just need to keep them hid until her birthday. They are beautiful, just like I knew they would. Thank you and your staff ever so much for me. I’m sure the wife will just love her birthday present, thanks to all of you.


I wish to state that this self-publishing company named InstantPublisher is the most reputable, customer-driven and customer-friendly firm I have researched. I am requesting a letter of appreciation is submitted in personnel files. The CEO needs to be fully aware of the quality service rendered to first-time authors and aspiring authors. I am well pleased and thank everyone for the professional decorum.

A job well done. Keep up the good work, Becky.

Edward Hall

The books were received and they look beautiful. The quality of the covers, the printing and the paper are excellent.
Sending our thanks to you and to the entire team at InstantPublisher.

Becky and Chris.

As you may recall I had requested that you publish my wife’s biography that I had written for her after making notes on her life for over 16 years. Please thank all those involved in making her book for me. It is simply beautiful and I gave it to her for her 81st birthday and she just loves it. All our children and friends are lining up to read it. Such a great job all of you have done and with all the updated information that you supplied pertaining to shipments and such, I was truly able to keep it all secret until her birthday this morning. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such outstanding service. I’m sure her book will be read my many, many generations to come.

Howard Davis

Hi Chris and IP Team,

I just got the 500 copy order of “90 Devotions” and they look great! Thank you for all you’ve done to help us at Encouraging Women for Christ. I hope you have a wonderful day!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!
The books arrived on time & my writing group & I are so thrilled. The book is gorgeous! Thank you for working with me up to the last minute.

Dear InstantPublisher Staff:

I want to thank each of you who helped prepare and print my book on President Kennedy to make it absolutely perfect from cover to cover. It arrived via FedEx ground just two days after printing, to my surprise. As soon as I opened one of the boxes, I took a random book and examined each page closely. They were as near perfect as they could be.

I also want to express my appreciation to all of you for being patient with me, answering all my questions without hesitation, calling to make suggestions when my mechanicals weren't precise and making me feel that you were just as concerned about my book coming out well as I was. Your superior service makes me want to run out and write more books. I only wish that all businesses that I deal with were as friendly, cooperative, helpful and professional as InstantPublisher. I would recommend your company to the very best of authors. Thanks a million!!! I'll be back!!!

Tony Zappone
Tampa, Florida
Author: John F. Kennedy - An Amazing Day for a President and a Kid with His Camera is beyond superlative. We were fortunate to receive a National Book Critics Circle award for one of our titles, "Tom Thomson in Purgatory" by Troy Jollimore. The award is given for the best book of poems published in America. Chris Bradley at was indispensable to our success. Mr. Bradley was wholly dedicated to giving us the finest product at a price that was far-and-away the most reasonable. We know. We checked. Our sincerest appreciation goes to Chris and his expert staff. Our competition included some of the most renowned and venerable publishing houses in the U.S. We will always be grateful to and, moreover, I would not trust the creation of our products to anyone else.

--Robert Nazarene, founder, MARGIE / IntuiT House Poetry Series

Dear Doug, I have just received my order and I couldn't be happier. You guys have done an awesome job. It looks just like a library book! The printing is perfect and the quality is top notch!

I am very impressed with your workmanship and your company. If you ever need someone to give customer feedback, please consider me. I can't thank you enough and will remember your company in the future for myself and anyone who may be interested in high quality printing.I would appreciate it if you would pass my comments along to the owners of your company.

Best Regards, Alfred J. Manno

I would like to share my thanks with everyone I worked with on this book. It’s beautiful; I love it; and others are loving it, too. I appreciate your work so much and will not hesitate to recommend you to others. Thank you.

Kihm Winship

Thank you, Instant-Publisher team! You made the process of getting my book published very straightforward and affordable. The online tracking system kept me aware of the progress the entire time. But, most importantly, your team put out an extremely professional and great looking product. I couldn't be happier! Thanks so much!

Berge Hoogasian

Well Done –You Exceeded our expectations. I wanted to take a moment and express my gratitude to the entire team at InstantPublisher. When I was faced with the prospect of getting our book published in just a few short weeks, I didn’t think it was feasible. I found InstantPublisher doing a web search for self publishing and actually reached someone on the phone – the first try! That was impressive to start with.

After a few conversations and a very competitive price quote, I began to prepare the manuscript and book cover for print. This is the scary part – did I understand everything in their directions on the website? The people I worked with were very professional in my dealings.

After they received my submission I received a phone call letting me know the book cover images were low resolution and they would not print very well. I suspected this to begin with so it was not a surprise, but I was pleased they took the extra time to give me a chance to correct the problem. We did and the final product was perfect. Yes, I said perfect. We have had the books for several weeks now and we have not found a single flaw, that if we printed again tomorrow we would have it changed.

So InstantPublisher was easy to work with and they did a fabulous job printing and binding but they also met the deadline we had. They actually beat the deadline by a couple of days.

Would I recommend InstantPublisher– you bet I would. This went so well we are already looking into having a second book put back in print later this year. Do not be afraid of having Instant Publishing help you on your next print project.

(I want to personally thank and acknowledge Jeanette. Her professionalism, communication and attention to detail made this project better than I think it would have been without her help. Thank you very much, Steve)

Steven E Malmquist
Tacoma, WA

I am writing to thank you for the great service and excellent result provided by The process was easy, efficient and very cost effective.

Your web site has everything in it to allow an author to go from manuscript to a professional, top-grade product, in a step-by-step, no-hassle procedure. If I can do it, and end up with a terrific, quality book, anyone can.

I'm already in the system for my next.

Dr. Michael Lawrence Cohe

I was nervous about my book and, since I was doing such a small run, I doubted I would get much help or attention from any printing company. However, not only did the final book turn out as good as I had dared hope, I received excellent service from several people from IP along the way. I had several questions and they were each answered quickly and thoroughly. Once I sell all of my current order, I'll definitely be ordering more. I have a webcomic expo coming up in August and now I have a great product to sell. I know I'll get many compliments and questions from fellow cartoonists and I'll gladly tell them how great IP is. I was impressed with the turn around time on getting the book into my hands.

Thanks so much for making this geek happy!

Barry Buchanan
Plano, Texas

I just wanted to let you know how happy and satisfied I am with

Since this is my first book, I was wary, nervous, and overwhelmed with all the things I had to do besides just writing the book.

Even though my initial order was only 100 books, you guys made it easy and treated me with respect and professionalism. Plus, I appreciate the help and quick answers to all of my little questions throughout the whole process.

Through every step, you did exactly what you said, when you said you were going to do it, and the final results and quality of my books were outstanding.

Thanks again, and feel free to use this quote in your marketing materials!

Merrill Clark

Web SEO Writer & Advisor/ Direct Response Copywriter

Author of 'How Your Local Small Business Can Get More Customers on the Internet'

Santa has landed! WOW. I was so surprised when I got home just now. The books are beautiful. You have done an outstanding job. The cover is perfect. I was so impressed that the pictures turned out so colorful. Great job. I was also so thrilled that all the different fonts that I used stayed the same. I had failed to space some of the areas and paragraphs but I was so tired when I proofread it that I didn't see my mistake. No one will ever notice.

I am so PROUD of the way that you printed my book.

Thanks a million for everything that you have done.

A very satisfied customer. I wish that I could sell a bunch of these. We'll see. I will talk to you later.

As always, respectfully yours,
Joyce E. Scott, D.O.

This is belated thanks for your excellent service on the two recent orders—the ones I asked you to rush. We were super busy last week when the books came. It was a tremendous help to us to have them then, when we had extra people on campus.

I gave your website to two men who admired the quality of production and who are working on projects.

Thanks, thanks, THANKS for helping us do what we do, by doing what you do!

Richard P Walters
Oxford Graduate School

I received the first 50 copies of Putting It All Together and I was very, very pleased. I have dealt with numerous publishers and printers since I have published four books and they did not compare to your standard of excellence. The book, the cover, the service and price were all great. I plan to update another book and will use your services.
Bill Rothschild, Rothschild Strategies Unlimited....
Thanks, Chris!!

The books look great!! Thanks so much for all your hard work!!! You are the best book publisher!
Sorry to say, but this will be my last order from you on this particular title. You've done such fabulous work you put yourselves out of a job!! (Well, at least a project) Since our first printing three months ago in December, amazing things have happened. The book caused quite a stir with the media, I was invited to be a guest on the Sally Show to talk about my book, and just a few days later I had a major offer for "Stop Getting Dumped!" from Plume, an imprint of Penguin Putnam. They were so impressed with the work we'd done on the book, they decided to crash it for April 30th - Something rarely ever done in the publishing industry. So, our little book will be in bookstores just 6 weeks after we made the deal. I just wanted to say thanks to you and everyone else at You guys did a fantastic job, and I owe a great deal of my success to you. (I also owe you a car wash, but that's another story...) I experimented with several different short-run and POD printers during my 90 day adventure from self-published to major book deal, and I have to say that the quality of your books was BY FAR the best. When sending press kits to the media, and anyone we wanted to impress, we'd always send your books, which we affectionately referred to as "The GOOD books." Thanks for great service, thanks for accommodating me when demand overtook supply. Thanks for everything.

I will recommend you to everyone I know, and I would use again in a second.

Best wishes,
Lisa Daily, Author of 'Stop Getting Dumped!'

Thank you, Chris! I received my book order and it looks fantastic!!! I couldn't be more pleased with the excellent work you folks do. Many top publishers don't do as nice a job with their printing. The cover printed spectacularly. And I am so pleased to work with a group of people who are so professional and responded so quickly whenever I or my graphic artist had a question.
Looking forward to a long partnership...

Ariel Penn

Chris, the books just arrived. You and your staff did a marvelous job. You went way beyond the call of even did the spine. I couldn't believe it! God bless you for all your hard work and special attention to this work.

Mary Tucker

Since I had a vision of what I wanted the book to look like, I didn't want to pay a service for that. provided me with the software and direction to design and layout the text, and customize the cover, so the published book is exactly what I had envisioned. And the cost was so reasonable, I'd recommend to anyone.

Chris McDonough

I'm getting ready to send "?" (our creative writing book) out to each of the students who submitted something this year. The books looks wonderful—and so professional! I know the students will be really proud to see their work in such a nicely packaged final product. I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your service. Thanks again for making publishing so easy! The Coronado Middle School creative writers (and their fearless leader!) look forward to doing business with you again next year.

Wyn Huntington

Dear Chris,
Just wanted to let you know that I received my books and I am very happy with the quality of your work. I admit that I was a bit skeptical about ordering copies via the internet. However, I will definitely be ordering from again.

Thank you again for your help.

Cynthia Bissell

Dear InstantPublisher, I have received my order on the Family Heritage book and was very satisfied with the final product. I will highly recommend your service to other writers and hope to publish another book in the near future. I was pleased with the customer support and the fact that you did not have to go through layers of departments and people to get an answer. Your customer service is outstanding. I wish you all a very successful business in the future

Thank You
Felix Salmeron

Dear InstantPublisher:

The books were received. They are wonderful! Thank you so very much. I couldn't be happier with the quality. In all my years in business, I can't recall ever having received such superior service from a supplier. Nor have I ever received such conscientious individual effort as I have from you, Angela.

God bless.

Max Isaacson
West Des Moines, Iowa

I cannot express to you how impressed I am with the service all of you give to your authors. This is my first attempt and I am a real "novice" with the computer. A member of my church helped me getting the book sent to you and the computer setup which you require. It is people like all of you who make one realize that there are some really nice people out there willing to help me, a grieving widow. Once again, thank you and everyone involved in my book.

Gloria Maynard

And thank you so much for your help with this book (IP18667, I See & Other Stories). I appreciate that you pushed the book through so quickly making it possible to arrive in time for my daughter's birthday. She was thrilled to see her work as a "real" book, and her friends thought it was "cool". Her birthday party soon turned into her first book signing event.

Best of all, like a true author, at the end of the day my tired little 6-year-old birthday girl looked up and asked, "do you think they liked my book?"
Thank you very much!
Susan Currier
American Echoes [ ]

Dear InstantPublisher,

As a writer for over 10 years, who decided after too many rejection letters that his story was good, I turned to InstantPublisher.

Let me say, the entire process was 'finer than frogs hair'. Your customer service was exceptional and assisted me each step of the way.

The finished product was totally professional. The cover, the guts, and the service was priceless.

My next novel will come here. I can market a product I believe in...and I have a perfect copy to place in public.

Thank you all...and keep smilin'.

Author of: 'GABBY...All About Me'